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Welcome in Framor website

Framor Srl has been present in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector for 10 years, with activities including the marketing, the processing and distribution of semi-finished products in aluminium and its alloys, copper and magnetic sheet plate ...

As a Service Centre it has several efficient processing lines (a cutting line, and two shearing presses).
The plant in Invorio (NO) is able to transform products with physical states and different finishes using the following processes:

  • Slitter cutting
  • Shearing

To maintain good product reliability, we work only with qualified suppliers. Framor has, over time, selected a series of strategic and qualified suppliers based on their ability to supply products with technical characteristics that meet the needs of customers, within the agreed times and with a proven system of quality management.

Quality Management Certification - ISO 9001 version 2015 (under implementation).