Tapes made of aluminium and aluminium alloys

One of the most common elements in nature, aluminium is known for its high resistance to corrosion and low density, making it resistant to water and some chemicals.
Thanks to this characteristic, it is widely used, especially by transport, building and construction industries.

Aluminium is easy to process at both at high and low temperatures.

Aluminium allows energy transmission even over long distances, and it is no coincidence that most high-voltage conductors are made of aluminium.  This metal also boasts high thermal conductivity, and for this reason it is used in the construction of radiators and thermal containers, thermal-conditioning equipment and cooking containers for food.

It diffuses and reflects light, reducing the dispersion of light from the light source and thus favouring energy savings.

Last but not least, its non-magnetism allows it to be used for the construction of different devices.

Our services:

  • Burr-free cutting edges to avoid damage.   
    Burrs of less than 0.02 mm are acceptable in the thickness range of from 0.20 to 1.50 mm.
  • Misalignment of tape coils are wound with the utmost care and attention. Coil misalignment of ± 0.1 mm max. is acceptable for both sides of the tapes.
  • Electrical conductivity and loss level measurements are carried out on each batch in the laboratory.
    The minimum conductivity value of our products of 34 σ [S / m] - Ω / mm2
  • Normative references UNI EN 573/3; 515; 485/2; 485/4
  • Physical states on request
  • Thickness dimensions & tolerances from 0.20 to 2.00 mm; widths from 40 mm to 1000 mm; tolerances according to UNI EN 485/4 or on request ½ EN
  • Internal diameter 400; 500 mm, with/without cardboard core
  • Tape surfaces: natural finish, mill finish, brilliant, free from dirt or grease/oil and scratches/cuts.
    The tapes can be protected by tissue paper and plastic films of different thickness and with different adhesiveness.

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