Copper alloy tapes

Very ductile and malleable metal, more tenacious than iron and excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Its conductivity is, however, considerably diminished in the presence of impurities, which also increase its hardness.

Copper and its alloys have a great number of applications in many fields, from electricity to agriculture and from hydraulic plants and pipes to transport.

Our service centre is able to provide different types, thicknesses and widths as per customer needs.


  • ETPElectrolytic Tough Pitch) copper is obtained by electrolytic refining and treated with pine trunk; featuring the presence of oxygen and the absence of phosphorus.
  • DHP(Deoxidized High residual Phosphorus) is a totally oxygen-free type of copper, in which a relatively high phosphorus content of between 0.015 and 0.04% is maintained to guarantee deoxidation.

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